Clement Rhodes-Tone Holden

Epic Fail Party

A politician from the old school. In fact it was so old it had to be demolished (bill passed on to the tax payer through the next budget). Clement has been in and out of office so often he’s become known as the Hokey Pokey Politician and also has a talent for shaking things about. Questions remain to this day about his personal finances, given the amount of horses he keeps in storage, but he assures his constituents that the findings of the 32 tribunals are all scandalous and uncalled for. He also states that the mansion on 300 acres discovered by NSA spy satellites (after it was retasked to the area following a tip off from someone called Bassett) was paid for by an admirer who didn’t write a gossip column for a national newspaper, at all, honestly, no really.

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Any Politician. Any Country. Same Bullshit.

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