Jone Lucan

Libor Party (Sadly Unretired)

Never one to shirk a sensationalist headline or photo opportunity, Jone rose to the rank of 2nd in command of the country after her predecessor Aimin’ Gimmemore stepped down – off his private plane and broke his face.

Jone is possessed of possibly the most annoying voice in the world and unfortunately could be heard    e-v-e-r-y     b-l-o-o-d-y     d-a-y    on the radio or TV before getting into power, whereupon she decided she didn’t need to annoy us with her voice any longer. Instead, Jone decided to become an all round annoyance by going back on every single principle her party’s founders had put in place. In her spare time, Jone loves to go boating in 2 inches of water and manages a mobile phone franchise. There is no truth to the rumours that she is Ted Kennedy reincarnated, even if the resemblance is striking.

Any Politician. Any Country. Same Bullshit.

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