Sonny Afternoonan

Force 8 Gale Party

Sonny is a proud Limerick man, but the feeling certainly isn’t mutual. Someone thought it would be a grand idea for Sonny to be made Minister of Money despite the fact that Sonny hasn’t a bog’s notion about important national and worldwide financial matters, due to the fact that he’s another fucking teacher! To counter this minor quibble, Sonny has employed a small team to help him steer the country through recessionary times – so small in fact that it’s made up entirely of Leprechauns. This confirmed the long held belief that Sonny’s fiscal policies and projections were all based on myths and fairy tales anyway. The first concrete evidence of ‘Leprechaun Economics’ was discovered in July 2016 when Sonny, in conjunction with the Fictional Statistics Office, insisted on releasing growth figures of 26% when everyone in the country knew that it was all bullshit.

Sonny had to recently undergo surgery to install a sub woofer in his vocal chords after he became increasingly hard to hear over short distances, giving rise to speculation that he was lip synching to a pre-prepared bullshit track.

Any Politician. Any Country. Same Bullshit.

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