Transparency in Government

Fintan McSorley asked:

Dear Clement,
What steps were taken to ensure transparency in all government departments?

Dear Fintan,
Transparency is a red line issue for this government. We consider being transparent to be a key trait of any government department. To that end we have knocked down most of the walls in our offices and replaced them with full wall sized windows. Granted this may cause issues going forward, especially where public facilities are concerned, but such problems are minor in the light of the bigger picture.

However we categorically deny that any steps were taken. In a recently commissioned Red C survey poll thing, it was confirmed by 97% of respondents that the walkways around all our buildings remain exactly where they have always been and the stairs are definitely still there. The remaining 3% refused to participate on grounds of running for a 48A bus. In addition, thanks to our new transparent walls, I was able to simply look up from my desk and can hereby confirm that the 2nd floor is definitely still accessible via the staircase.

Please refrain from making scurrilous allegations in the future.

Your servant,

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